Anti-fungal socks

Sweat glands are concentrated on the legs of any person, the number of which is several thousand. In total, they can produce about 200 ml of sweat. Sweat is known to be salt and water, which by themselves are odorless. The human feet are home to millions of bacteria that actively multiply by feeding on dead skin cells and sweat. It is the multiplication of bacteria, as well as their waste products, that cause the appearance of an unpleasant odor. 

Among the effective remedies for facilitating foot care in diabetes, the specially developed DIALINE antifungal socks deserve special attention, the use of which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. They are made from natural cotton of the highest quality and have a special knit that does not squeeze blood vessels and does not rub the legs, thus helping to avoid injuries to the legs.  

As you know, science does not stand still, and today, especially for people suffering from diabetes, socks have been developed , the inner surface of which is treated with silver ions – the most powerful natural antibiotic to date. Dialine socks with silver prevent the growth of fungi and microorganisms, and also have an antiseptic effect. Such silver socks can be effectively used in combination with DIALINE Pumice and DIALINE Foot Cream.        

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