Atherosclerosis: treatment “from the healer”

The deposition of lipids on the inner walls of medium and large blood vessels, the appearance of atheromas (atherosclerotic plaques) in them and the gradual narrowing of the lumen of the arteries and the resulting difficulty in blood flow are all characteristic symptoms of a serious disease, atherosclerosis.

Despite the tremendous achievements of official medicine, despite the modern methods of diagnosis and quite effective treatment of atherosclerosis , as well as other serious diseases related to the cardiovascular system, this ailment remains a common cause of disability in people. Fatal outcome for patients with atherosclerosis, unfortunately, is also not uncommon. 

What is what

What happens to vessels with atherosclerosis? Arteries of medium and large sizes, responsible for supplying blood to the lower extremities, kidneys, heart, liver, brain and other vital organs, are damaged. Because of this, naturally, the functions of all systems and organs are violated, failures affect the entire human body.

In the absence of treatment, the walls of the blood vessels thicken more and more and become insufficiently elastic. As atherosclerosis progresses, its symptoms become more severe, and changes in the state of the arteries become irreversible.  

What causes this disease? There may be many reasons for this, such as:

· Too much cholesterol in the blood




·Sedentary lifestyle

High blood pressure

Homocysteinemia (a large amount of homocysteic acid in the blood)

The doctor makes the patient a diagnosis of atherosclerosis, based on data from such studies:

– initial external examination of the patient;

– fixing complaints and collecting medical history data;

– angiography (mandatory use of x-ray radiation and radiopaque substances);

– magnetic resonance angiography;

– ultrasound Doppler study;

– computer tomoangiography.

Official medicine offers the treatment of atherosclerosis with conservative methods, that is, drug therapy and radical methods – with modern minimally invasive operations and traditional surgical intervention. The treatment regimen is compiled depending on the degree of vascular lesion, the localization of lesions in a particular arterial pool, the age and general condition of the patient. In any case, only the doctor chooses the method of treatment.

Despite this, the accompanying treatment of atherosclerosis is folk methods . This approach (certainly agreed with the attending physician) noticeably eases the patient’s condition and brings recovery closer. 

Potato and citruses against atherosclerosis

Traditional medicine enjoys incredible trust and popularity among people primarily because of the availability of products used for treatment. In the fight against atherosclerosis, garlic and lemon balm, raspberries and pumpkin seeds, green tea and many other beneficial gifts of nature are used.

For example, the treatment of atherosclerosis is recommended by potatoes. What should be done? Wipe the raw potato (along with the peel) on a grater. Eat this pulp shortly before the main meal every day. As a prophylactic for atherosclerosis and a medicine that slows the progression of the disease, potatoes are very useful.

The juice of one lemon mixed with the juice of one orange and diluted with 200 ml of boiled water will help relieve the symptoms of atherosclerosis . You need to drink “lemonade” daily, on an empty stomach, without the addition of sugar or other sweeteners. 

Do not neglect the treatment, try by any means to improve the condition of the arteries with atherosclerosis. Fulfilling all the conditions of treatment and prevention is the only way to stop the disease!

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