Can diabetes be cured?

Diabetes mellitus is a fairly common disease all over the world. Most patients, upon learning that they or people close to them are sick, feel very uncomfortable and even confused. And it is not surprising that one of the main questions that such people ask doctors is “Is it possible to cure diabetes mellitus?” 

Today there are many “healers” who promise to get rid of diabetes mellitus. Patients should not test themselves for unexamined methods. All over the world, people who suffer from insulin-dependent type of diabetes must inject insulin, and people with type II diabetes follow their diet, lose weight, and engage in physical activity.

Practice shows that any “alternative methods” are not only unhelpful, but very often harmful to health.

In type I diabetes, no treatments other than insulin are acceptable. Before you decide to experiment with your health, remember that cells need glucose like air; and that it can only get into cells with insulin. And no hypnosis or herbal therapy can replace insulin. Most “healers” undertake to “treat” patients exclusively in the first year of illness. In this case, they use your ignorance of the situation for their own purposes. The fact is that when a patient is first found to have elevated blood sugar levels, diabetes is diagnosed and insulin therapy is prescribed, about 10% of the cells that produce their own insulin (endogenous) are still present in the body. But there are very few such cells, and they are not able to fully cope with their functions, moreover, their number is further decreasing.     

When insulin begins to flow from the outside, the additional load from these cells is removed, and they, “having rest”, again begin to produce a slightly larger amount of insulin. In addition, according to research results, insulin, which is injected from the outside, is able to protect the pancreas (B cells) from subsequent destruction. During this period, the dose of insulin that the patient injects himself may be slightly reduced. There are times when the need for daily injections is completely eliminated. This happens because the cells’ own cells begin to produce almost as much insulin as needed. This is why it is so important to start taking insulin for diabetes as early as possible. The process described above occurs in the first year of the illness. This condition is usually called “honeymoon”. In some patients it is long, while in others it is short. This is individual.     

But if a patient with diabetes mellitus turns to alternative medicine in the period before the start of the “honeymoon”, then the “healer” calls the beginning of the “honeymoon”, the beginning of “miraculous recovery.” Alas, this state lasts very little. In the end, insulin doses will increase again, because today there is no way that could stop the destruction of the cells that produce insulin. It is only possible to slow down the process by maintaining “good sugar”. “Healers” in this case, as a rule, talk about the “sabotage of traditional medicine”, guided by the fact that the patient was again prescribed insulin.                      

Modern diabetology strongly advises to do insulin injections even during the “honeymoon”. Thus, it will be possible to remove the load from the cells that are still “alive” and produce insulin, and thereby prolong their existence.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to refuse from regular injections of insulin. The only correct way to live a fulfilling life with diabetes is to learn how to manage the disease on your own. Do not spend money on unverified methods of treatment, but rather buy means for self-control (for example, Glucometer Kontur TS, Glucometer Klever Check) and start following our recommendations. This will significantly increase the chances of preventing complications of diabetes mellitus and, despite it, living a full life.   

There is no need to harm your body. The consequences of any self-medication are in most cases more difficult to cure than the disease that you tried to get rid of with its help.

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