Causes of diabetes

The basis of diabetes is a persistent increase in blood glucose, which occurs as a result of metabolic disorders. This failure occurs due to absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin, a hormone that is produced by the pancreas. Insulin promotes glucose in the cells of the body. If the hormone is missing or its interaction with tissues is disturbed, glucose accumulates in the blood. The causes of diabetes are directly related to its types.  

Type 1 diabetes

The main factor that causes the appearance of diabetes of the first type is an autoimmune process, under the influence of which insulin-producing cells are destroyed. So there is an absolute shortage of the hormone. This process develops in people with a burdened genetics, and viral infections can act as its catalyst: chickenpox, rubella, epidemic hepatitis, influenza, etc. 

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin malfunction in the tissues. At the same time, a sufficient amount of the hormone is produced, but the cells of the body are insensitive to it. There is a failure in the metabolism of carbohydrates, because of which the indicators of blood glucose levels increase. In this case, there are two main factors that can trigger the disease – obesity and heredity.

Risk factors

People with pancreatic diseases (pancreatitis, malignant tumors, resection, trauma consequences, etc.) and certain diseases of a genetic and hormonal nature also have a tendency to develop diabetes. The provocateurs of the onset of the disease can be stress, the effects of certain drugs and chemicals, age.

The combination of these factors increases the risk of developing diabetes, each of them can work as a trigger. By itself, stress or viral infection, flu, for example, will not lead to the occurrence of the disease. But, if we are talking about an obese person whose parents or relatives suffer from diabetes, then for him any virus is dangerous. At the same time, although genetic predisposition is considered to be the main cause of the disease, it does not mean guaranteed diabetes. To prevent the development of the disease, you can use simple rules: weight loss, a lively lifestyle, proper nutrition and care for your health.    

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