Children with diabetes will receive complex treatment

For the fourth year in a row, Sanofi , a leading healthcare company in Ukraine and in the world , has been providing health care for children with diabetes from all over Ukraine as part of the Diabetes. Corporate Social Responsibility Program . We will help together. ” This year, more than 60 children received permits to one of the best specialized sanatoriums in the country – Birch Guy in Mirgorod.       

A distinctive feature of the Birch Guy sanatorium is a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of children with diabetes, which includes training on self-monitoring and prevention of disease complications, balanced nutrition with Mirgorod mineral water intake, as well as medical and health procedures within the framework of the program developed The All-Ukrainian Center for Sanatorium Rehabilitation of Children and Adolescents with Diabetes. The friendly atmosphere and a variety of creative activities that take place in the sanatorium also contribute to improving the health status of children. 

As of January 1, 2013, 1 311 335 people with diabetes were registered in Ukraine , including 8 178 children and adolescents. Over the past 5 years, the prevalence of diabetes has increased by 26%. Moreover, the detected cases account for only 40% of the total, which means that the real prevalence of diabetes is even more critical.  

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