Correct insulin injection

Modern appliances for a free lifestyle.

Traveling, playing sports, shopping, spending an evening visiting friends – these enjoyable and routine activities can be difficult for a person with diabetes. In order to freely choose the lifestyle that you want to lead, and not the one that the disease dictates to you, it is worth learning about modern devices and technologies for diabetes control.

Analyze quickly.

The key to a fulfilling life is disease control. First of all, you need to know your blood sugar level. Sugar should be measured regularly, be ready to analyze in any situation and not be afraid of the attention of others. Today in any pharmacy there are many blood glucose meters, from which you can choose the one that suits you. Pay attention to Bionime blood glucose meters. These blood glucose meters are very convenient, they do not require coding, have a large display, and are operated by one button. Bionime test strips made of hard plastic are especially convenient: such a test strip will not crumple, it is easy to insert it into the meter, even for people with impaired vision and impaired motor skills. 

Ready to inject with one click.

The next step is insulin delivery. If you use a syringe, you will need to use needles regularly. Did you know that it is possible not to wind the needle, but simply click it in one motion? To whom may it be important? Important for people with diabetes

the first type, when it is necessary to inject very quickly, and the situation may turn out to be the most inappropriate. It is important for people with complications typical for diabetes – motor impairment, low vision. After all, there is not always the opportunity and time to screw the needle onto the syringe pen.
According to research *, both diabetic patients and healthcare professionals rate Universal click® technology as simpler and faster than the common type of needles that require twisting.

Expert review has identified the following benefits of mylifeTM Penfine® * needles:

  • Less effort required to securely hold
  • Clicking sound provides confidence that the stylus is securely attached
  • A used needle is easier to remove
  • Compared to other types of needles, the mylifeTM Penfine® needle is easier to attach with one hand, which is important for selected patient groups * Marketing research of insulin needles with Universal click technology, May 2005, Princeton, NJ, USA

Mylife Penfine needles are very easy to attach.

Mylife Penfine needles are equipped with Universal click technology, which allows the needle to snap in rather than twist. Simply place the needle against the handle and snap in with a little force. Or, place the needle on a table, holding it, and snap the handle onto the needle. A clicking sound will indicate that the needle is securely attached. 

Universal needle for any pen.

Mylife Penfine needles fit absolutely any pen. It is thanks to the snap-on attachment system that the Penfine needle can be easily used with a pen from any manufacturer and not worry about changing the pen.   

The correct needle size.

For the injection to be effective and painless, it is imperative to use a needle of the correct size. The size of the needle depends on your constitution and injection technique.
Mylife Penfine needles are available in 4 sizes, each size is color-coded to avoid confusion.
Injections can be performed with or without skin fold formation at 90 degrees (vertical) or without. Injection at a 45 degree angle can be performed in cases where the subcutaneous fat layer is very thin. If the subcutaneous fat layer is very thick, injections should be performed without forming a skin fold.
Attention! Consult your doctor about the best needle size and injection technique for you. 

Correct injection.

  • Insulin should always be injected into the subcutaneous fat, but not intradermally or intramuscularly.
  • There are only 4 areas for subcutaneous insulin injections: abdomen, shoulder, thigh and skin fold in the upper-outer part of the buttock. In addition, insulin should not be injected into areas where there are scars, lumps, or signs of inflammation.
  • Change the injection site regularly. To avoid tissue changes (lipodystrophy), the distance between punctures should be at least 3 cm.,
  • The rate at which insulin is absorbed depends on where the needle is inserted. Insulin enters the bloodstream most quickly from the subcutaneous tissue of the anterior abdominal wall, more slowly from the shoulder area, the front of the thigh, and even more slowly from the buttocks.
  • Higher doses of insulin should be administered slowly. Slow administration of insulin improves the absorption of insulin in the subcutaneous tissues.
  • Insulin is destroyed by alcohol. After treating the skin with an alcohol-containing antiseptic, you must wait a certain time for the alcohol to evaporate completely. But if the patient follows the rules of hygienic skin care, then the use of alcohol to treat the injection site is not necessary.
  • Insulin should not leak from the injection site. This error usually occurs when the needle is pulled out too quickly. It is worth waiting 5-10 seconds after drug administration.

Why you shouldn’t reuse the needle.

For your comfort and safety, it is advisable to use the needle only once. Using a needle more than once is associated with many risks:

The needle becomes dull, bends, its smooth layer can be damaged:

  • the injection becomes more painful;
  • injection can lead to microtrauma and bruising.

The needle becomes non-sterile after the first use:

  • Reusing the needle is not hygienic;
  • The risk of infections increases.

Insulin can crystallize at the tip of the needle:

  • The needle may become clogged and the safety of the insulin injection will not be guaranteed.

Significant air bubbles in the pen:

  • Insulin can leak from the tip of the needle after injection:
  • The insulin dose becomes inaccurate.

Be happy and free

Life and health are the main values. Don’t let illness become a hindrance to your fulfilling life. Remember that many great people –
Fyodor Chaliapin, inventor Thomas Edison, writer HG Wells and Ernst Hemingway – lived with diabetes. The disease did not prevent them from creating, making great discoveries, writing brilliant works. These people will be remembered for centuries. Today, with the help of modern devices and technologies, it is much easier to choose freedom of self-realization for each person and not give the disease a chance to prevent you from doing so.
Your health is worth taking care of, paying attention to yourself and not thinking about the impression you make. Take care of yourself, be happy and live life to the fullest.

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