Dental treatment for diabetes: important tips and rules

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which various medical manipulations are contraindicated. Diabetes can cause additional health problems. No exception was the condition of the teeth, which become brittle and crumble. Is it possible to treat teeth with diabetes?

Features of dental treatment for diabetes

The basic rule for people suffering from diabetes is that you can only treat your teeth if the disease has passed into the stage of compensation. It is necessary to clarify this moment so as not to encounter unforeseen problems.

If you need serious dental intervention, but diabetes is not compensated, then teeth are treated only after a dose of insulin.

In this situation, you will need strong antibiotics and painkillers. You do not need to take them yourself, since only your doctor can prescribe such medicines. 

But what to do if you have crowns installed? In the case of diabetes, you can use only ceramics. It is also possible to carry out implantation, but it is worth entrusting the solution of this issue to a qualified specialist. In addition, it is important to make sure that diabetes has passed into the compensated stage.

Diabetics can only treat their teeth by removing them in the morning when the dose of insulin was administered. But you need to consult an endocrinologist, because it is recommended to increase the dosage of the drug so that it gives effective results.

Dental Disease Prevention Measures for Diabetes

To prevent dental diseases, it is worth arming yourself with such simple and affordable tips:

  • regularly monitor blood sugar levels to prevent a sharp increase in it;
  • at least once a day use floss;
  • you need to brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, choosing a paste that contains fluoride;
  • go to the dentist twice a year to timely eliminate inflammation of the gums and caries;
  • remove tartar on time, which tend to accumulate quickly.

These are simple tips that are great prevention of dental diseases. Use them because it’s easier to prevent problems than to fix them later.

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