Dia day Planner from Kirill and Dasha or how to tame diabetes

On his 24th birthday, Kirill was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It was the moment when life was divided into “before” and “after”. From diagnosis to acceptance, the path is thorny, the creators of Dia day Planner Kirill and Dasha share their story and recipe for success in taming diabetes.

Hi all! Who are we? We are Kirill and Dasha, ordinary people who are faced with such a disease as diabetes. It happened on the 24th birthday of Cyril. Morning “surprise” in the form of disappointing test results and the diagnosis itself.

Diagnosis, honeymoon and return to reality

In the month when the diagnosis was made, we were scheduled to get married. But in the light of SUCH news, all the preparatory fuss faded into the background. We didn’t run like ordinary newlyweds, hysterical, thinking about outfits, rings, guests and so on. Our thoughts were focused entirely on something else.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. A diagnosis turns your life and the lives of your loved ones upside down. A pile of questions in which you simply drown: “How can I live now?”, “Where to start treatment?”, “How to control glucose levels in general?”, “What is a self-control diary?” and many more…

Let’s not lie, we went on a honeymoon (real, not diabetic) like a temporary safe haven. And yet, the return to reality was inevitable, as were the anxieties and trials of adapting to a new way of life.

Neither Dasha nor I had relatives or friends familiar with type 1 diabetes who could advise or help. Of course, the first thing we frantically climbed into the Internet and, according to the “classics of the genre”, were frightened by the information found. But then they came to their senses and simply signed up for an endocrinologist.

Approach smart and diabetes: who would have thought that not everything is so scary?

Here it would be worthwhile to warn about the dangers of self-treatment and say: “People go to the doctors!”. Our endocrinologist dispelled all the myths in no time and recommended starting a self-control diary. “Great,” we thought as we left the clinic, tuned in to fighting diabetes, and with the bonus of a self-monitoring diary.

Only at home the ardor has cooled down a bit. The diary was well compiled, but the mountain of advertising caused confusion. She just screamed that you were a diabetic – a patient, an eternal hostage of their products. Depressing feeling!

It seems to me that it is very important to maintain the health of not only the body, but also the mind. Even if diabetes threatens your body every day, you should not become a hostage psychologically. So I tossed aside the promotional diary, which seemed to me useful, at best, as kindling for a fire.

Form start

End of form

End of form

It happens when you clearly know what you want and have already imagined it in your hands, and even felt all the advantages. But here you go to the store – the next store, and you do not find what you were looking for. It seems to be thousands of proposals, a mountain of choice, but it’s not that.

Diary of self-control. How difficult it is to find! No, there are, of course, all sorts of advertising booklets full of novelties of the “diabetes industry”. Some people may like them, but to each his own. Personally, these diaries scare me.

At first, I kept notes in a regular diary, drawing tables by hand. And let’s be honest, the price of freedom from annoying advertising slogans is a tedious daily routine.

Annoyed at the constant need to create a diary from scratch by hand, I thought why not create it once … and make it in such a way that it motivates you to focus on health, not illness.

My wife supported my idea and then helped bring it to life. So the self-taught illustrator Dasha began work on her personal diary. And how grateful I am! We got exactly what I wanted. This is how Dia was born. day planner . A colorful diabetic diary with which a person can express himself and effectively control the quality of self-control.

It was nice to see the surprise in the eyes of the attending physician and to receive the approval of the miracle created. We weren’t going to release it. We were prompted by the opinion of the endocrinologist, as well as the support of relatives and friends.

What is DiaDay_Planner ?

Diabetes forces you to start a new lifestyle in which you monitor your habits and condition as fully as possible. However, you are the same person as you were before diabetes. Diagnosis is not a sentence.

This disease has brought my wife and I very close together. Thanks to this, ” DiaDay_Planner ” appeared. This is the embodiment of our experience

With DiaDay_Planner you:
✅ keep a continuous record of blood glucose
✅ see all your statistics of indicators
✅ always have useful information about XE at hand
✅ control your insulin doses
✅ eat right
✅ be the favorite of the attending physician 😉
✅ be more productive in achieving your goals
✅ combine motivation and willpower together!

The glider is specially designed in black and white so that everyone can express themselves and create their own mood! Working with color is a kind of anti-stress practice .

What is there inside?

The planner includes:
✅ nutrition information
✅ extensive product reference table with the number of bread units (XE)
✅ table for adding your favorite foods / dishes
✅ menu plan for the week
✅ daily self-control block
✅ insulin expiration date counter
✅ daily task planning
✅ place for notes
✅ dotted blank sheets for your ideas

DiaDay_planner is designed for 3 months and consists of 70 sheets. The block is fixed with a metal spring. The cover and backing are laminated.

Together with the glider you will receive:
🌿 a sheet of A6 stickers for glider design
🌿 medication
tracker 🌿 tracker for tests and doctor’s appointments

We put our whole soul into the glider and tried to make it convenient for you, so that your health becomes stronger every day, and your work is more productive 🙂
Our motto is “Diabetes?! He went to hell, we have other plans! 😉 »

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