Diabetes: A Bitter Pill of Sweet Life

Doctors consider diabetes to be the real plague of this century. This ailment closes the four most dangerous human diseases (after cardiovascular diseases, oncology and bronchopulmonary diseases).
The biggest insidiousness of diabetes is that it is almost asymptomatic at first, which means that it can be detected at an early stage in only one way – regularly donating blood for blood sugar levels.
And it is not necessary to postpone this simple survey “for later”, justifying its inaction by the fact that nothing bothers you, you are young, and no one has ever met this disease in your relatives. According to experts, every fourth person struck by this ailment does not even suspect that his health is already undermining diabetes.
What is so dangerous diabetes? It prevents to live a full life, destroying the body on the sly. The consequences of this disease are extremely sad if it is not detected in time and not treated. Running diabetes can lead to severe complications, such as:

  • kidney damage;
  • diabetic foot cider (lesion of the lower limbs until amputation);
  • damage to the eyes until complete blindness.
    And all this “set” can be avoided if you regularly monitor blood sugar levels. You can do the analysis completely free of charge, both in your clinic or Health Centers, and at the nearest laboratory from your home or office for little money.
    As for the prevention of diabetes, it is quite simple: watch your weight, eat properly, lead an active lifestyle and do not forget to do an analysis of blood sugar levels at least once a year.
    Do not neglect the clinical examination! It allows you to identify diseases (often in the early stages), about which a person is not aware of the time. And the treatment started on time increases its effectiveness. With the highest employment, find 1-2 days for your health, undergo medical examination, which takes place every three years, and live peacefully in full health.
    Risk factors for diabetes:
    • overweight at any age (this indicates a violation of carbohydrate metabolism);
    • arterial hypertension (high blood pressure);
    • elevated blood cholesterol;
    • women whose sugar levels were elevated during pregnancy and those who gave birth to a child weighing 4 kg and above;
    • sedentary lifestyle. We must try to move more, have regular exercise;
    • wrong (excessively plentiful and high-calorie) food;
    • heredity (with type 1 diabetes).
    In addition, all people over 45 years old are at risk of diabetes. If at this age you have normal blood sugar, then repeated research is carried out after three years.
    To avoid becoming a victim of diabetes, moderate the consumption of sweets and fatty high-calorie foods, add more vegetables to the diet. It is important to observe the diet, it should be rational and fractional, and not chaotic. Watch your weight and keep it within normal limits. It is not necessary to weigh, it is enough to measure the waist circumference: the norm for women is no more than 80 cm, for men it is not more than 94 cm.
    As Academician Chazov, who has lived a long rich life, said in his time: “Everything should be in moderation, you should not rush from one extreme to the other, and in the diet as well”.
    Standards of sugar: from 4.5 mmol / liter to 5.9 mmol / liter.
    4, 2 million people (registered) in Russia suffer from diabetes.
    More than 130 thousand of Nizhny Novgorod suffer from diabetes. According to experts, taking into account unrecorded diabetics (those who do not yet know about their illness, but they already have it), this figure will increase by 30–40%.
    In the first 9 months of 2017, 147 patients with diabetes of the first type (hereditary) and more than 5 thousand with the second type of diabetes (acquired) were registered in Nizhny Novgorod.
    On average, 10 years of life robs a person of diabetes
    If diabetes is seized at the very beginning of development and the person receives adequate treatment, he has every chance to live a long and high-quality life.
    The advantage of early detection of diabetes in a very simple and inexpensive way to diagnose – you just need to check blood sugar.

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