Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease

Diabetes mellitus cardiovascular diseases are especially welcome. The thing is that a metabolic disorder leads to pathological changes in the vessels of the patient, which grow like a snowball.  

Why cardiopathology and diabetes are often diagnosed together

The world medical community today puts an equal sign between circulatory system disorders and diabetes, especially the second type.

  • Only a quarter of patients with type 2 diabetes have no hypertension.
  • In 70% of laboratory tests, elevated cholesterol levels are detected.
  • Almost a quarter of type 2 diabetics suffer from heart failure.
  • Take into account that type 2 is diagnosed in more than 90% of diabetics.
  • Recall that in Russia today, nearly 10 million have symptoms of diabetes. 

And it will become clear that those 52% of diabetics who die from acute cardiac disorders are a huge number of citizens of working age, and they could still live and live.

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases together attack the patient, because increased blood glucose sugar gradually leads to a violation of the nutrition of the vascular wall, its fragility, while the inner lumen of the vessel is clogged. Pathological changes gradually move from the peripheral vessels, spread to the main, and then affect the heart muscle and blood vessels of the brain. At this point, the consequences of violations can become not just irreversible, but deadly.

Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients with Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases can be significantly accelerated and aggravated due to the influence of additional factors. We will name the most common:

  • hereditary predisposition and congenital pathologies of the cardiac system;
  • lack of exercise, lack of regular physical activity;
  • improper food; 
  • bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse.

Together and individually, they can significantly shorten the life of a patient with diabetes and cardiopathology. But there is good news: getting rid of them, changing the way of life, a person can reverse the pathological process and lengthen life.

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