Diabetes mellitus in men

The problem of a disease such as diabetes is gradually becoming an epidemic. Studies have shown that the disease is spreading more and more.

Diabetes mellitus in men initially beats in potency. The symptoms of this disease in men are characterized, in most cases, by premature ejaculation, sexual desire disorder, lack of ejaculation and orgasm. In men, fertility directly depends on the level of the disease and its course. As recent studies have shown, diabetes mellitus significantly affects male reproductive function.

The increased sugar content in the male body contributes to damage to the DNA of the sperm, and this causes infertility. This effect on the male reproductive system is carried out at the molecular level. When clinical trials were conducted, it was found that all men who have diabetes had lower sperm counts. This significantly affects reproductive function.  

The first signs of diabetes in men

During diabetes mellitus, in men, there is a fairly strong damage to the internal organs. This is the main difference between the symptoms of male diabetes from female diabetes. Indeed, in women, the disease passes in a milder form.

Diabetes mellitus manifests itself in men in the failure of the functions of their reproductive system. Potency is significantly reduced, resulting in angiopathy, which reduces blood flow to the genitals. Contained in significant quantities, ketone bodies suppress testosterone in the patient’s blood. As a result, a gradual decrease in potency develops. At the same time, there are other signs of diabetes mellitus.

It is believed that it is quite problematic to detect diabetes mellitus in a man. This is due to the fact that men do not take personal health seriously, unlike women. That is why men visit doctors very rarely, and, therefore, do not often pass various tests.

Still, you should pay attention if you suddenly appear signs such as:

  • increase in body weight;
  • sharp weight loss;
  • increased sweating;
  • increased fatigue;
  • increased need for fluid;
  • itchy skin;
  • significant hair loss; 
  • the skin has become dry.

Absolutely all signs of diabetes in men are a good reason to urgently take a blood test for sugar content.  

Treatment of diabetes in men

Nowadays, a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus should not be taken as the end of the world. Lifestyle changes, in some cases, can absolutely control the entire disease process.

Many people with diabetes need to take medications to lower their blood glucose levels. When this is not enough, the doctor will prescribe insulin injections. It happens that injections are carried out while taking medications. Today, there are many new types of medications that are used alongside insulin injections to control glucose.

Treatments for diabetes in men are constantly being modernized, but disease control is nevertheless an unresolved issue that requires hard work by the patient himself. This is why experts recommend preventing disease, not treating it.

Today, a sufficient number of medicines and techniques are used that are aimed at treating erectile dysfunction:

  1. Medicines intended for oral administration (capsules and tablets).
  2. Injectable drugs.
  3. The drugs are prostaglandins, presented in rectal suppositories.
  4. Various devices ( compression bandages, vacuum pumps, various cuffs).

The main thing that every man who is overtaken by diabetes mellitus needs to know and remember is that the disease is not fatal, and you can really live with it richly and actively. You just need to follow certain rules and protect your body from stress. The key is to keep your blood sugar in balance.


Every man should understand that due to diabetes mellitus, dangerous consequences are possible, which can be if the disease is diagnosed late and treatment is not started. After all, irreversible changes in

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