Diabetes mellitus in women

Diabetes mellitus in women is not in vain considered a very serious disease. During illness, the human body is affected by capillaries and blood vessels, and organs lose the ability to function normally. The most dangerous and common complication of diabetes is cataract, which often leads to complete blindness.

There are cases when a chronic form of renal failure, impotence, the development of trophic ulcers of the feet develops, with further damage to their gangrene. As a rule, the consequence of this disease is neuropathy, when painful sensations first appear in the legs, and then the skin loses sensitivity. In addition, diabetes mellitus affects the state of the liver, and often causes its cirrhosis.

The first signs of diabetes in women after 30, 40, 50, 60 years

Today, diabetes mellitus is divided into two types. Each form of the disease can be characterized by both indirect signs and main ones.

The main symptoms of diabetes in women are:

  • constant thirst;
  • increased urination;
  • significant weight loss, which can reach fifteen kilograms;
  • general weakness of the body and rapid fatigue of the patient;
  • the presence of the smell of acetone from the mouth;
  • blurred vision;
  • dizziness and heaviness in the legs.

As for the indirect signs of the disease, they include:

  • long-term treatment of infectious diseases (immunity is weakened due to diabetes mellitus);
  • too long tightening of wounds;
  • lowering body temperature;
  • cramps appear in the calf areas.

All the main signs of this disease in women often depend on the constitutional characteristics of the female body. The special structure of their hormonal system and the presence of female sex hormones, often, do not represent the severity of diabetes as clearly as in men. However, despite this, many signs of diabetes mellitus in women, indicating the presence of this disease, exist. It is important to be able not only to distinguish them, but also to consult a doctor (endocrinologist) in time for timely help.

So, the main signs of diabetes in women are:

  • losing weight or gaining weight quickly;
  • increased fluid intake, which does not lead to swelling in the morning;
  • decreased appetite or increase;
  • failure in the menstrual cycle;
  • pronounced pigmentation on the face, as well as on the skin of the hands;
  • itchy skin;
  • brittle hair and nails;
  • bad smell of acetone from the mouth;
  • weakness and dizziness.

All these signs of diabetes in women make it possible to timely identify this disease even in the early stages of its development, as well as take the necessary measures to prevent the risk of complications.

If you have some of the main signs of diabetes, then this is not a reason to immediately get upset and start to panic. An unambiguous and accurate diagnosis can only be established by a doctor by conducting laboratory tests.

Basically, diabetes does not develop overnight. Initially, glucose tolerance fails. Further, insulin deficiency increases, and then diabetes mellitus develops.

We must not forget that all the main signs of diabetes in women can be disguised as symptoms of other serious diseases. That is why it is very important that every woman undergoes regular examination, which includes the delivery of a blood glucose test.

With a small increase in blood sugar, it is difficult to diagnose diabetes mellitus. This condition is called borderline and means impaired glucose tolerance. It is at this stage that there is a high risk of developing diabetes mellitus. However, this phenomenon is reversible. If you adhere to the recommendations of your doctor unquestioningly, you can avoid serious illness.


In order to protect herself from diabetes, every woman should adhere to a diet and eat fractionally, that is, about five times a day. All refined carbohydrates and saturated fats (honey, jam, sugar, etc.) should be minimized. Your diet can only be complex carbohydrates and those foods that are rich in soluble fiber. If you present the diet in percentage terms, you get the following: the carbohydrate content should be no less than sixty percent, fat – about twenty percent, protein – no more than twenty percent. You should give preference to exclusively white poultry meat, vegetable dishes, herbal decoctions, lean fish. Fried foods should be replaced with boiled or stewed foods. Sweets, drinks with sugar, smoked meats, carbonated drinks and salt must be excluded from the diet, and exercise. In this case, your diabetes prevention will really be effective.

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