Diabetic angiopathy

As you know, with such a disease as diabetes mellitus, there is a great likelihood of complications from most organs of the human body, and the lower limbs are no exception. Most often, such problems arise due to damage to nerves and small vessels.

Based on the fact that the vessels or nerves are more affected, the “diabetic foot” can be:

angiopathic (characterized by a predominant vascular lesion),

neuropathic (characterized by a predominant lesion of small nerves),

mixed (characterized by damage to the nerves and blood vessels to the same extent).

There are some differences between the neuropathic diabetic foot and the angiopathic diabetic foot.

Patients suffering from a problem such as diabetic angiopathy (a predominant vascular lesion in the foot), observe the following symptoms:

the foot is cold to the touch,

pulsation on the vessels of the foot is not determined,

wounds heal very hard and for a long time,

even the smallest scratches are constantly inflamed, which in especially severe cases cause gangrene of the foot. In this case, sometimes the leg has to be amputated.

The above lesion of the foot occurs mainly in the second type of diabetes .

To prevent such complications of diabetes mellitus from the lower extremities, it is necessary to carry out competent foot care in case of diabetes mellitus. Excellent “allies” and assistants in this matter will be DIALINE products: DIALINE socks for diabetics with silver, DIALINE foot cream, DIALINE pumice.

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