Diabetic encephalopathy

With high blood sugar levels (above 10 mmol / l) for a long time, with a long history of diabetes and high blood pressure (BP) numbers, as well as high cholesterol levels, a symptom complex called diabetic encephalopathy may occur. This is due, first of all, to the defeat of the great vessels by the above factors, as well as to the effect of age-related changes on the vessels. Pathology of the cerebral vessels may develop. As a result of this, symptoms such as memory impairment , impaired intellectual capabilities, and a decrease in the reaction rate occur.

What should a diabetic patient do to prevent the development of diabetic encephalopathy?

Based on the causes of this condition, prevention and treatment will be built. It’s no secret that preventing a disease is always easier than curing it. That is why people with diabetes must do the following: Monitor blood pressure – at home, every patient with such a diagnosis should have a tonometer. It is better to give preference to the automatic model of the tonometer.

Regularly (2-4 times a day) monitor blood sugar – for this at home, a person with diabetes should have a glucometer . Today, the most reliable models of blood glucose meters include: Klever Check, Kontur TS, OneTachSelectSimple , iChek . All of the above models have their own advantages, and each patient independently determines which blood glucose meter is best for him.

Control cholesterol – this procedure must be performed 2 times a year in a professional laboratory. For home use and screening, it is recommended to have a cholesterol analyzer at home (for example, an EZI-TACH Biochemistry Analyzer, MULTI- KER or Accutrend ).

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