Diabetic holiday menu: what can you afford?

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, I want to pamper the body with some delicacies, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. And all because some people suffer from diabetes mellitus – a disease that provides a rather limited diet. What are those forced to do who should follow a strict diet? How, for example, to the patient to refuse an appetizing sandwich with caviar or a juicy baked goose, as well as shirk a traditional glass with toast?

Of course, those who constantly limit themselves in nutrition, want to try something tasty much more than those people who absolutely do not adhere to diets, not only on big holidays, but on any other day. But a special menu for diabetes is not something you can joke with, since any minute weakness can lead to a disastrous jump in blood glucose of the patient.

How to lay a festive table for a diabetic?

First of all, you need to build on the type of disease, because the diet of those people who suffer from the first form does not fundamentally differ from the list of dishes of an ordinary person. The main thing is to ensure that you have the right dose of insulin just in case. But the second type of diabetes may puzzle the hostess, who is waiting for people with glucose problems in the blood.

Let’s try to delete categorically forbidden foods and dishes from the holiday menu for diabetes:

  • spices and savory snacks;
  • sausages and smoked meats;
  • fatty meats and fish;
  • short pastry and white bread;
  • sweet juices;
  • bananas and dried fruits;
  • carrots and potatoes;
  • fatty sauces, as well as ketchup and mustard;
  • large quantities of alcoholic beverages.

Such strict requirements for holiday feasts at first cause bewilderment, because it can seem to the average person that you cannot eat anything tasty. But this, of course, is not at all the case, and with the right approach, diabetes will not deprive anyone of the opportunity to feast on healthy delicacies. An important point is a sense of proportion and the ability to listen to medical recommendations for the New Year and Christmas feast.

Sample menu for diabetes during the holidays

  • Light salads.It is best to start a special meal with such dishes, because a large amount of fiber, which is found in fresh vegetables, does not increase the level of sugar and quickly gives a feeling of satiety. Try not to find ingredients rich in complex carbohydrates, such as potatoes, sweetcorn, carrots. If this cannot be avoided, bread units should be counted. As a gas station, of course, in no case should not use mayonnaise. Perfect olive oil with lemon juice.
  • Hot meat dishes.It is difficult to imagine a New Year’s table without fragrant duck, fatty homemade sausages or pork. So is it really necessary to abandon these dishes? This is not quite true, because if you correctly calculate all of the same bread units, you can try a diabetic for everything, but very little, just to bring down the edge. It is also important not to aggravate and not to make the already not too healthy food even more difficult, that is, not to lean on the side dishes with dressings. On a diabetic table, sea fish, lean beef, chicken or rabbit are appropriate.
  • The holiday will be incomplete without dessert.Of course, it can not be cakes, sweets or cakes, because these delicacies are contraindicated for those who are familiar with diabetes. You can please the patient with a baked apple with cinnamon, a low-fat biscuit or whole-wheat flour cookies.

Useful properties of pumpkin with diabetes

People who unfortunately had to face such a difficult disease as diabetes understand that their daily diet will be affected by certain restrictions. This applies not only to complex dishes, but also to individual products, even seemingly harmless as vegetables. Patients often have doubts whether this or that guest from the garden is useful. Let’s try to figure out how safe the pumpkin is for diabetes, and in what quantity and form it can be added to the menu of patients with elevated glucose levels.

What is the use of solar vegetable?

Pumpkin belongs to low-calorie food, which is ideal for those who suffer from overweight, because she is able to reduce weight and normalize blood sugar levels of a diabetic. Just do not forget that with this disease, all products are divided into several groups, and this vegetable belongs to the category of products with a high content of starch, saturating the human body with essential carbohydrates, trace elements, minerals and healthy dietary fiber.

Numerous scientific experiments of nutritionists prove that the use of pumpkin by diabetics leads to the implementation of the regeneration of defective pancreatic cells, as well as to an increase in blood levels of beta cells that produce vital insulin. That is, an independent production of a peptide hormone occurs, due to which the dangerous level of glucose is reduced. That is why the pumpkin for diabetes must be included in the patient menu.

Why do I need to eat pumpkin?

In order not to cause sudden jumps of sugar in the body, you should not exceed the maximum allowable weight of a vegetable in one portion – 200 grams. Pumpkin pulp can be safely called a real fount of vitamins and minerals, only one carotene in it contains five times more than in carrots.This traditionally autumn product contains many salts of copper, phosphorus and iron, which have a beneficial effect on blood formation and helps to avoid such typical problems in diabetes mellitus as anemia and atherosclerosis.   Pumpkin juice perfectly copes with the removal of excess fluid and excess cholesterol from the body, due to the high content of pectin.

Patients with diabetes often face with impaired renal function, and unique substances contained in pumpkin pulp work well with this unpleasant phenomenon. They also successfully accelerate the recovery of the ability of the liver to cope with toxic substances. This once again confirms that the pumpkin must be included in the diabetic menu, since this valuable gift of nature is very effective in preventing diseases associated with an increase in the level of sugar. Such a diet is indispensable for hypertension, poor digestion, pyelonephritis, thrombophlebitis, impaired vision and disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system.

Delicious help to your own health

Pumpkin in any form brings great benefits to the body, for example, the pulp is suggested to be applied for burns, eczema and various rashes. Fresh has soothing properties and improves sleep. Seeds can be rich in fiber, as well as incredibly effective in diseases of the genitourinary system. In particular, they manage to relieve cramps and fight the appearance of red blood cells in the urine. , Which is typical for patients with diabetes.

A pumpkin without too much modesty is called a healer from the garden, the main thing is not to forget that all the gifts of nature should be managed wisely, without being carried away with such useful delicacies.

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