Fasting days for diabetes patient

Discharge days for diabetes can be very helpful both on their own and as a supplement to conventional therapeutic measures. This technique allows you to control body weight, to become a good prevention of atherosclerosis, obesity and other diseases associated with elevated blood glucose levels.

How to carry out fasting days for diabetics?

It will not be news for anyone that diabetes mellitus can arise already on the basis of obesity itself. In order not to face such a problem, it is important to strictly follow the instructions and follow the recommendations of the doctor. Let’s try to find out what kind of fasting days there are:

  • A great way to cleanse the body urgently is a cucumber diet.This method is ideal for the first days of such an event.
  • Another is kefir.It will require 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir, which should be consumed at least 5-6 times throughout the day.
  • In addition to the above, valid even fasting days with diabetes with oatmeal.Such porridge has in its composition just an incredible amount of necessary substances for the construction and normal functioning of a healthy organism.

During the entire period of the diet should be consumed from 500 to 700 grams of oatmeal per day. It is important that the entire diet is divided into equal portions. Still, it is worth adding when brewing porridge more liquid, so that the patient can use it in porridge in a more liquid form. This will contribute to the good absorption of the product.

Nutritionists also offer a delicious fruit diet. And it should be noted that this method is not in itself bad, but not for people who suffer from elevated glucose levels. And all because fruits have in their composition a large amount of sugar, which is detrimental to the body of a diabetic. However, if you choose sour and neutral fruits that are not subjected to starch, and use them with a small amount of natural yogurt or low-fat sour cream, then this option may be quite acceptable. A volume of 1.5 kg should be eaten in no less than six sessions.

We should not forget about the vegetables, which are very successfully used in the complex of measures for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, as well as the diseases that usually accompany it: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, hypertension, atherosclerosis. The basis of the menu should be 1-1.5 kg of non-starchy fresh vegetables, which should also be divided into at least six receptions. It is acceptable to add a very small amount of yogurt, sour cream or vegetable oil, it is extremely important to completely eliminate the salt.

Mixed fasting days

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which one-component diets are not desirable, as they negatively affect the level of glucose and the patient’s well-being. Therefore, nutritionists offer several ways to cleanse the body.

  • Fruit and vegetable fasting days, when using a variety of combinations of fruits and vegetables.The main thing is not to forget to exclude salt and use oil in minimal quantities.
  • The meat diet is often used in diabetes and circulatory disorders.About 400 g low-fat meat are selected for their implementation. Mainly suitable for this beef, rabbit and poultry. The diet can be diluted with 100 g of fresh vegetables without salt.
  • Fish is also very successfully included in the diabetic menu.5 kg of lean fish with 100 g of non-starchy vegetables – ideal for people with high levels of sugar. It is permissible to add 0.4 liters of broth from the hips.
  • Juice fasting days are also of great importance for diabetics.They are widely used for the normalization of blood glucose, urinary and digestive disorders.

Diabetes and bee products

It’s no news that natural honey is the most useful delicacy of all existing. It nourishes the body with essential vitamins and essential trace elements. True, there is another side to which you should pay attention if you or your relatives had to deal with diabetes. Honey contains a large amount of glucose and fructose – components that are undesirable in the patient’s diet.

How can I use honey with diabetes?

Opinions of doctors in this matter often differ. Most endocrinologists believe that it is better to refuse the use of such sweetness, and this is not just a whim, experts argue their recommendations at once for several reasons:

  • bee products extremely calories;
  • Almost 80% of honey consists of sucrose, glucose and fructose, which are destructive for diabetics;
  • such sweetness is able to exert quite a large load on the liver;
  • the bees themselves are often fed with sugar syrup, which affects the concentration of glucose.

It is especially harmful to eat honey with diabetes mellitus type II, however, like any other high-sugar foods.

Those specialists who remained in the minority are inclined to believe that honey can be used in diabetes, and even explain their point of view:

  • it contains important vitamins C and B for this ailment;
  • honey is saturated with natural fructose, which has not undergone any processing;
  • This sweetness allows you to successfully convert glycogen in the liver and, in addition to this, below other desserts, affects blood sugar levels.

In addition, science is known for such a wonderful method, which is called apitherapy, that is, the use of the gifts of an apiary for the treatment of many diseases. A similar method of therapy is also practiced in diabetes mellitus. From the positive:

  • metabolic processes are accelerated and metabolism improves;
  • normal blood pressure;
  • glycated hemoglobin levels are significantly reduced.

How honey with diabetes can be made to the menu, so as not to harm the patient?

Despite all those useful properties that are called experts, diabetics are shown strict controls and restrictions on the use of honey. The maximum allowable dose per day is only two tablespoons. And also, do not forget about:

  • regular calorie counting;
  • individual nutritional standards;
  • continuous measurement of diabetic blood glucose levels.

What to look for when choosing bee products?

Anyone who asks a question whether honey with diabetes can remember that this product must be exclusively natural and certainly of high quality. But with regard to varieties and varieties, here you can fully rely on your taste. You need to buy honey from already tested beekeepers, with good recommendations, or try to test the delicacy yourself. The product should be liquid and homogeneous, without impurities and candied lumps, which is a sign of feeding the bees. Honey must have a special bitter flavor. He also should not be painted with iodine solution or change color when using a special chemical pencil.

Do not forget that only one large spoonful of honey has about 60-70 calories, which means it is better at breakfast, when the body only starts all the metabolic processes. It is not harmful to consume such a portion on an empty stomach, drinking a glass of boiled water. This will help to regain vitality and give strength for the rest of the day, providing the diabetic with essential trace elements. The rest of your daily dose should be divided into two steps, where the first is better to use during the snack, and the last – before bedtime.

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