How to choose the right toothpaste and rinse?

We all know that teeth should be brushed twice a day, morning and evening. And for people with diabetes, another important point is the quality and composition of hygiene products – toothpaste and rinse. The effectiveness of the prevention of serious oral diseases depends on the extent to which these funds perform their tasks and solve the specific problems that arise in diabetes.

Composition of toothpaste

The main function of toothpaste or tooth powder is to remove plaque from tooth enamel, clean it from food debris and bacterial film. So there is always an abrasive ingredient in the composition: either chalk or silicon dioxide. The Abrasion Index is often listed as “RDA” on the packaging. In diabetes, pastes with a low abrasiveness index should be used , since the enamel is thin and brittle. The RDA 70 index is the best toothpaste choice for a diabetic. It is also good if the paste contains regenerating and anti-inflammatory components; this will ensure the prevention of mucosal diseases.

Don’t forget rinse aids!

You should always remember that one toothpaste is not enough for good hygiene. Unfortunately, we do not have a very developed culture of using rinses, and without it, hygiene will be inferior. They brushed their teeth with toothpaste, rinsed their mouths with water, washed everything off. And if you use rinse aid instead of water, the situation will be completely different. For some time, the special components of the rinse remain a thin film on the surface of the teeth, on the gums, on the mucosa and tongue and perform their important work until they are washed off with saliva. The rinse aid washes well the remnants of food from the interdental space, at the same time preventing the growth of bacteria there. So you can’t do without a good conditioner! How to determine which one is needed?

Of course, you can carefully study what is included in the composition of the paste or rinse. Understand what function a particular ingredient performs. Choose the right product. Agree, quite a difficult task. It is much easier to opt for specialized products that were created specifically for people with diabetes, taking into account the specifics of their problems.

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