How to recover from type 1 and type 2 diabetes: can it go away by itself?

Can diabetes be cured? This question is of interest to all people who have a history of “sweet” disease. However, the answer is ambiguous, doctors say that healing is impossible, but there are many clinics on the Internet that offer a complete cure for the disease. 

How to cure diabetes? To answer this question, it is necessary to establish precisely what causes led to the pathological failure, and what factors influenced the development of the chronic disease.

So, let’s see if it is possible to completely recover from type 1 diabetes, or is it impossible? Are there real cases of people who have recovered from this disease, and what methodology helped them?

The characteristic of the disease

Before finding out whether it is possible to cure a chronic disease, and to permanently rid a diabetic of an ailment, it is necessary to consider how the pathology is classified, and what features it is characterized.

In medical practice, in the vast majority of clinical pictures, the first or second type of “sweet” disease is diagnosed. Speaking in percentage terms, the first type is found in 10% of cases, and the second type of ailment is found in 90% of clinical pictures.

At present, in Russia and other cities, type 1 diabetes cannot be cured, although development in this direction is being actively conducted. This statement applies to the second type of disease.

Pathology characteristic:

  • The first type of ailment is characterized by dependence on the hormone insulin, therefore, if this disease is detected, the patient is immediately recommended to administer insulin to the body.
  • The second type is not dependent on insulin, however, this pathology is characterized by a loss of cell susceptibility to insulin, as a result of which there is an accumulation of sugar in the blood.

Reviews of doctors say that, despite the almost identical names for pathologies, the treatment will be fundamentally different. If with the first type of ailment the patient requires the introduction of a hormone into the body, then the second type is treated using non-pharmacological methods – sports, balanced nutrition.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to cure type 1 diabetes, however, promising developments in this direction are being intensively carried out.

Is type 1 diabetes cured?

Type 1 diabetes is characterized by a violation of the functionality of the pancreas, as a result of which there is a gradual decrease in insulin production in the body. Over time, the internal organ absolutely stops its work, and insulin in the body is not produced at all.

To ensure the patient’s normal existence, he needs to administer the hormone in a certain dosage. The name of the drug, the frequency of administration and, accordingly, the dosage, is assigned individually.

Can type 1 diabetes be cured? An urgent question that every person asked with a diagnosis of diabetes. Unfortunately, it is currently in 2017 that it is impossible to get rid of diabetes.

Through competent therapy, you can only compensate for the disease, as a result of which the patient can live normally without feeling negative symptoms. And the only way to do this is by administering a hormone.

In the modern world, the exact causes that lead to the development of a chronic disease are not known. Therefore, it is possible that, without knowing the etiology of development, many scientists cannot come to a decision that helps cure the diabetic.

However, it is known that high sugar adversely affects the ongoing chemical and biochemical processes in the body, leading to numerous complications, including irreversible ones.

In the direction of a complete cure for the disease, active and intensive development is underway. A new look at the treatment of chronic disease is as follows:

  1. Treatment with magnetotherapy, stem cells (withdrawn from the patient, are introduced back after treatment).
  2. Tests of an inhaler are being conducted, which will allow the drug to be administered directly through the nose.
  3. A new vaccine is being developed that will protect pancreatic cells from the negative effects of the immune system.
  4. Smart insulin in the USA. This drug was released only in 2017, but tests will be conducted for about 7-10 years. It is believed that the medicine “on its own” will determine the required dose of the drug at the right time.
  5. Developments in the direction of creating an artificial gland.

As practice shows, there is a huge amount of information on the Internet. And many clinics claim that type 1 diabetes can be cured only by them. In this case, a logical question arises, why the doctor can not heal patients in Russia?

The answer is quite simple, unfortunately, even foreign clinics cannot “boast” effective developments for therapy, therefore they do not cure diabetes, but simply achieve stable remission.

Therapy of the second type of disease

Can type 2 diabetes be cured or not? This question often comes from the lips of diabetics who want to completely recover from their disease, and are looking for ways. However, the question will be negative.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a slowly progressive disease that in the vast majority of clinical pictures is diagnosed in people after 40 years of age.

And often when a disease is detected, the patient already has some complications of chronic pathology to one degree or another. The basic principles of the treatment of “sweet” disease are aimed at the following:

  • Physical activity to reduce excess weight, and also improve the sensitivity of cells to the hormone insulin.
  • A balanced diet, i.e. a low-carb diet for diabetics. The menu includes products that contain a small amount of carbohydrates and starch, and also have a low glycemic index. 
  • Continuous monitoring of blood sugar to prevent it from being exceeded.

Some doctors claim that diabetes can be cured. But if you analyze the information of foreign clinics, then this pleasure is not cheap at all, and the cost of treatment can cost more than 10-15 thousand dollars.

Along with this, medical institutions do not talk about their treatment methods, saying that this is a trade secret. In fact, the prospect of therapy is extremely vague, and it is more likely to say that this is a “pumping of financial resources.”

In the modern world, there is not a single confirmed case when a patient has completely cured of any type of diabetes.

Can diabetes go away on its own?

Diabetes occurs in a chronic form, that is, it suggests that it is not possible to cure it. However, there are some reviews that indicate that the disease went away on its own. Is it true?

In fact, this can happen, however, many people “substitute concepts”, as a result of which it seems to them that they have recovered and there will never again be diabetes in their lives.

Success in the treatment of type 2 diabetes is considered to be its good compensation, when for a long period of time it is possible to maintain blood sugar at the required level. In this regard, patients feel normal, and the risk of developing possible complications is reduced.

And even small errors in nutrition with good compensation do not provoke an increase in sugar content, as a result of which a person thinks that he cured the disease. But this is not so, a return to the previous lifestyle will lead to surges in glucose, and the situation will only worsen.

In medical practice, there is such a thing as a “honeymoon”, and it concerns exactly the first type of ailment. It is this term that makes some people think that they have cured the first type of disease.

The honeymoon can be characterized by the following information:

  1. As mentioned above, when the first type is detected, the patient is immediately recommended to administer insulin.
  2. With type 1 diabetes mellitus against the background of the introduction of the hormone, the sugar quickly normalizes and stabilizes at the required level.  
  3. Sometimes you can reduce the dose of the hormone, and sugar will not increase. In some cases, even a complete rejection of the drug does not increase glucose.
  4. And such a period can be observed from several weeks to one year, and it is called “honeymoon”.

Patients who do not have a clue about this condition think that they are “special personalities” who managed to overcome the disease and will never return. However, the refusal to administer the hormone during this period will only aggravate the situation, and the “honeymoon” will end soon, which in turn will lead to jumps in glucose and an increase in the dosage of insulin.

In conclusion, it should be said that there is no way, method, drug, etc., that would help a person permanently get rid of diabetes. The only way to live a normal life is to compensate for the pathology, constant monitoring of blood sugar.

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