Hypodynamia is more dangerous than disease

Medicine knows a huge number of different diseases that a person can suffer. Meanwhile, as it turned out, inactivity, that is, a sedentary lifestyle, can do much more harm to health than certain diseases. The fact is that physical inactivity is associated with the development of many pathologies that increase the risk of premature death.

Physical activity, as it turned out, is more important for a person’s health status than indicators such as body weight, blood pressure and other fundamental indicators of human health. Specialists from the United States, who found this pattern, strongly recommend that all specialists ask patients questions about how much time they spend on physical education classes.

If a person replies that he walks less than half an hour a day, then specialists should strongly recommend that he move as much as possible. A group of specialists from the United States, in collaboration with researchers from Canada and Australia, found that lack of physical activity increases the risk of developing diseases such as pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, oncology, and diabetes. All of these diseases, in turn, can lead to early death. According to experts, inactivity kills people more often than smoking and even alcohol abuse. 

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