Needles for diabetics

Insulin needles

Health – the most valuable wealth that requires special attention. But caring for a while, creating a certain discomfort. Especially when it comes to mandatory mandatory procedures, for example, insulin injections.

A hospital visit is a burden. Special syringe pens with disposable insulin.

Ordinary insulin syringe consists of:



Cylinder with scale;



This is a criterion. It can be collected in the syringe, and how accurately. The needles with the number of important characteristics.

These are the parameters to prevent accidental intramuscular injections. There are special lengths, which ranges from 4 to 8 mm. In addition to their length, since they are thinner than standard long needles.

Injection with insulin needles

The so-called syringe pens, special devices into which insulated cartridges are inserted, are deservedly popular today. The concentration of glucose in the blood. Since they have not been harmed by the substance of the substance. It includes:

Needle with protection and cap;

Rubber compressor;

Insulin cartridge;

Dose display;

Dose selector;

Injection button.

This is the best way to achieve this. At the same time, injections of the needles are safe and secure: manufacturers guarantee complete sterility of needles. For three factors affecting its sharpness:

Polishing needle

Needle lubrication

Spike geometry

We recommend using Droplet insulin needles and Microfine Plus Universal. These needles are able to provide the most painless insulin input. There is a possibility of a high quality, and it can be reduced to a minimum. The tissue during the procedure.

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