Obesity of fathers can be inherited by several generations

Sperm from obese fathers may increase the risk of hereditary obesity in their children and grandchildren, a new study from the University of Adelaide concluded.

In laboratory studies, scientists from the Robinson University Institute found that molecular signals in the sperm of fathers can lead to obesity and diabetes and similar symptoms in two generations of their offspring, even if they have a healthy diet.

“Father’s diet alters the molecular composition of sperm in obese fathers by modifying their sperm. These microRNA molecules – can program the embryo for obesity or metabolic disease at a later age, ”says lead author of the article, Dr. Tod Fallstone, who is a research fellow at the University of Robinson Institute.

The study also showed an extension of the disease to the second generation of offspring, which also showed signs of similar metabolic disorders, including obesity, although this was not as severe as in the first generation.

Even if the obesity of the father does not show any signs of diabetes, metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, are now considered in two generations of their descendants.

The fact that a mother’s health before, during, and after pregnancy can affect her baby’s health was already known, but her father’s health was often overlooked during this period. Focusing on maternal health is extremely important, but father’s health is also important for conception. It is possible that additional attention to the diet and exercises of the father can have a positive impact on the future of his children and grandchildren.

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