Symptoms of diabetes in men

Diabetes mellitus in men – the disease occurs twice as often as women. But the number of complications associated with the disease in men is much greater. They occur earlier than in women, and are more severe.  

Symptoms of diabetes in men

In general, the symptoms of diabetes in men are similar to those in women:

  • intense thirst and increased water intake
  • frequent and profuse urination, especially at night
  • allergic skin pruritus
  • skin lesions (wounds, scratches) heal for a long time, can fester

But there are special symptoms of diabetes, characteristic only for men. This is a violation of erection and premature ejaculation, which are associated with two reasons:

  • with diabetes, polyneuropathy (a change in the conductivity of nerve fibers) develops and angiopathy (vascular damage) progresses. As a result, blood flow to the genitals is disrupted, their sensitivity decreases
  • excessive secretion of ketone bodies reduces testosterone levels, which leads to a decrease in craving and erectile dysfunction.

Complications of diabetes in men

Diabetes mellitus in men proceeds with complications that develop harder than in women. This is usually due to the fact that men later seek medical help, preferring not to pay attention to health problems. Because of this, organ damage is more pronounced. In addition, men are more likely to abuse alcohol, and this negatively affects the course of the disease.

Inattention to one’s own health and neglect of treatment lead to the fact that severe diabetes complications in men occur on average 5 years more often than in women and proceed intensively. These complications include:

  • angiopathy and polyneuropathy – changes in blood vessels and impaired conduction of nerve endings. Since the vessels and nerves penetrate the entire human body, disturbances in their functioning affect the general state of health and cause many diseases 
  • diabetic retinopathy, which threatens blindness. It occurs due to a violation of the blood supply to the eye due to vascular disorders, hemorrhages in the retina.
  • diabetic foot – a complex of complications associated with impaired sensitivity of nerve endings and limitation of blood flow in the limbs. The patient constantly has cracks in the skin of the feet, which become infected, fester for a long time and are difficult to treat.

The only way to prevent the occurrence of complications is to treat diabetes, so you should not neglect it. 

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