“Thank you, I have no sugar”: a star project against diabetes

Photographer Timofei Kolesnikov, together with artists of the theater and cinema, presented an exhibition of works designed to attract public attention to diabetes.
On November 26, Moscow hosted the presentation of the author’s project of Timofey Kolesnikov – a series of conceptual photographic portraits of Russian actors “Thank you, I have no sugar.”
The project was timed to the launch of unique clinical trials for the treatment of diabetes at the cellular level, which were first conducted in Russia by the Clinical Hospital on Yauza.
“I want to tell people that diabetes is a very common and serious disease, the appearance of which can be foreseen,” says Timofey Kolesnikov. – Conscious nutrition can save lives. A visit to the doctor every six months is enough to detect the disease at a stage when it is not yet able to turn your life into an insulin-dependent nightmare and take it away from you. Be more attentive to yourself and to each other. “
The photographer also thanked the project’s heroes who agreed to help him realize the idea: Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Elena Lyadov, Yegor Koreshkova, Victoria Isakov, Paulina Andreeva, Kirill Kyaro, Elena Podkaminskaya, Maxim Matveyev, Nikita Kukushkina and Pavel Derevianko.
By the way, the campaign to attract people to the topic of diabetes will be held in social networks. Already on the page “Thank you, me without sugar” on Facebook you can find useful information about diabetes, photos of the project and the video message of the actors who took part in the project.

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