Treatment of type 2 diabetes with folk remedies: diets, food to lower sugar

Treatment of type 2 diabetes with folk remedies involves the use of various recipes from alternative medicine. They are based on various medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits, spices and other components.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by a relative lack of insulin in the human body. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.

Treatment of type 2 diabetes with folk remedies is recommended for the elderly only with the approval of the attending physician. Before using this or that recipe, you need to discuss this point with your doctor, and after its approval, proceed to alternative treatment.

It is necessary to consider how type 2 diabetes is treated at home, and what recipes will reduce blood sugar? How to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus with folk remedies, and what medicinal herbs will help cure the disease, and live a full normal life.

Diet and treatment

Diet for diabetes is not just a treatment, it is a lifestyle that will always have to be adhered to. The basic rule is that you must always follow the diet that the attending physician will develop for the patient, and then you can not think about complications.

Based on statistical information, we can say that diabetes and obesity are frequent companions, so food should be low in calories in order to stabilize body weight and return sugar to normal.

Regardless of body weight, dietary food should include moderate amounts of vegetable fats, lean fish and seafood, various types of fiber – vegetables, fruits, bread.

Beans for diabetes mellitus are the best restorative remedy, containing many useful substances, it is quite difficult to find a replacement for them. When treating diabetes, beans should be on the table for each patient, since it includes the following components:

  • Organic acid.
  • Vitamins.
  • Mineral elements.
  • Carbohydrates.
  • Various amino acids.

Regardless of the type of disease, the diet implies the exclusion of sugary foods, that is, those that contain granulated sugar. It is recommended to eat at regular intervals, in small portions up to 6 times a day. It is important to choose foods that have a low glycemic index.

To reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood, it is necessary to draw up a dietary diet in such a percentage ratio of substances:

  1. Complex carbohydrates from 5 to 50%.
  2. The amount of vegetable fats is not more than 30%.
  3. The content of proteins of plant or animal origin is not more than 20%.

In type 2 diabetes, it is important to eat regularly without skipping meals. Also, it is necessary to strictly control the concentration of sugar in the blood to prevent the development of hypoglycemia.

With an improper diet, an incorrectly selected menu, sugar after a meal will increase significantly, as a result of which negative symptoms are observed. That is why every diabetic should adopt such a lifestyle so as not to worry about the consequences of their pathology.

The second type of diabetes prohibits the inclusion of such foods in food: sausage, fatty meats, mayonnaise, pastry pastries, cakes, sweets, various fatty sauces, canned foods, and more.

Diabetes treatment: baking soda and aspen bark

There is an opinion that insulin injections will help get rid of type 2 diabetes, and this is fundamentally a misconception. Continuous administration of insulin is necessary only in the first type of disease, and occasionally in the second, if there are serious complications.

Complications can be avoided if you eat right, introduce optimal physical activity into your life and treat with folk remedies. Reviews of diabetics show that there are many effective recipes that lower blood glucose.

The main task in the treatment of diabetes is to reduce the concentration of sugar in the patient’s body.

With pathology of any type, high acidity of the liver can lead to the progression of the disease, and in order to exclude such a possibility, adherents of treatment with folk remedies recommend taking baking soda.

The traditional baking soda recipe looks like this:

  • Take three grams of powder and dissolve in 200 ml of milk.
  • Take once a day.
  • The duration of treatment is not limited by time.

It is worth noting that such a recipe is also suitable for type 1 diabetes, diet, with it, is also required.

Folk remedies for lowering blood sugar through aspen bark deserve special attention, since they really have the maximum therapeutic effect in the shortest possible time.

How to prepare home medicine based on aspen bark:

  1. Send two glasses of crushed bark to a saucepan, pour liquid so that it covers it by one centimeter.
  2. Put the mixture on fire, simmer for 30 minutes.
  3. Leave to infuse in a warm place for a day.
  4. After all, strain, take 60 ml twice a day.
  5. Keep refrigerated.

Patient reviews show that such a recipe helps with type 2 diabetes mellitus, it helps to lower blood sugar, and normalizes the indicators at the required level. Flax seeds are no less effective for diabetes mellitus. 

It should be noted that if the patient is simultaneously taking any antihyperglycemic drug, then he must carefully monitor the glucose content.

Folk remedies for diabetes also have pronounced effects, so a too sharp decrease in sugar is not excluded.

Egg and lemon juice: diabetes therapy

It has long been believed that lemon belongs to the type of fruit that has no calories, but at the same time has a huge list of nutrients. Lemon for type 2 diabetes is recommended not only for treatment, but also as a prevention of pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, for the treatment of type 2 diabetes to be successful, it is necessary to eat at least half of one lemon per day. Contraindications are diseases of the gastrointestinal and digestive tract.

It is also worth considering the likelihood of developing a food allergic reaction, due to individual intolerance to the fruit.

What are the benefits of lemon for type 2 diabetes? With regular use of the fruit, the following effects are noted:

  • The risk of developing cancer is reduced.
  • The natural defenses of the body increase.
  • Blood pressure readings are normalized.
  • Slags and harmful substances are removed from the body.
  • The blood sugar level is stabilized.

We can say that lemon is a natural vitamin for diabetics, which must be taken as an auxiliary treatment and to maintain the normal functioning of the body. 

Lemon juice and egg treatment:

  1. Take one egg and one lemon juice.
  2. Beat the egg separately, then add lemon juice, mix everything again.
  3. Take in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. The course of treatment is 3 days, after 30 days can be repeated.

An egg along with lemon helps to lower blood sugar for an extended period. Patient reviews show that thanks to this recipe, over time, it was possible to lower the dosage of antihyperglycemic drugs.

If patients are allergic to lemon, then it can be replaced with Jerusalem artichoke juice. In the case when the patient is allergic to chicken eggs, then you can take a quail egg (about 3-4 pieces).

Alternative treatment: the best recipes

Plantain seeds will be an excellent folk remedy. The preparation is quite simple: take 20 grams of seeds and pour 250 ml of boiling liquid, bring to a boil and cool naturally.

It is necessary to take the medicine three times a day immediately before meals (one tablespoon), the duration of treatment is 10 days.

In one forum dedicated to the second type of diabetes mellitus, a woman provided a recipe that helps her control blood sugar. To prepare it, you will need ordinary cinnamon and natural honey, the components are mixed in a 2 to 1 ratio.

We treat diabetes with a spice:

  • Pour 250 ml of cinnamon powder with hot water.
  • Insist for an hour, then add honey.
  • Then send everything to the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  • The resulting medicine is divided into two parts.
  • One part is taken in the morning before breakfast.
  • The second part must be taken immediately before bedtime.

To normalize the concentration of sugar in the blood, you can prepare an infusion with lemon peel. To do this, you need a shell of two lemons, pour 500 ml of boiling liquid into it, and insist for several hours. Take 120 ml twice a day.

A decoction of walnuts will help to normalize sugar: young leaves of nuts are crushed into gruel and filled with hot water. They need to boil for 20 minutes, cool naturally and drain. Take 150 ml three times a day.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus is a complex task that includes medication therapy, treatment with folk remedies, optimal physical activity, proper nutrition (diet with high sugar). Only compliance with all the recommendations in combination will lead to the required therapeutic effect.

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