Type 1 diabetes is not a barrier to achieving goals

The diagnosis came as a complete surprise to Graham, but he set out to prove to the whole world that diabetes is not a reason to give up his ambitions and not an obstacle to success.

3 years after the diagnosis, Graham again entered the national team and took part in the Shotokan Karate World Championship. The following year he represented South Africa in Brazil at the WKC (World Karate Confederation – World Karate Confederation), at the same time he was awarded the 2nd dan. In 2006, Graham won a gold medal at the National Championships, and in 2007 he was again called up to the national team for the World Karate Championships in Spain.

Unfortunately, over time, type 1 diabetes began to cause complications in physical and mental health. According to Graham, he began to become depressed due to the fact that he had to live with diabetes. He was constantly tired, weak, sleepy and completely lacking energy. “When everything was good, I was happy with life and full of motivation, but as soon as sugar went up or down, all my motivation seemed to evaporate, and I began to feel fear.”

This year Graham started using the MiniMed 640G pump with SmartGuard technology and he claims the difference in quality of life has been huge. “I was able to significantly improve my diabetes control. I began to feel better both physically and psychologically. The MiniMed 640G gives me peace of mind because I know for sure that I will get a notification before my blood glucose goes up or down. Accordingly, I can take the necessary actions in advance. It radically changed my life.”

Graham has returned to the world of big sport again and is once again ready to represent South Africa in the international arena. We are very happy for Graham and wish him sports victories!

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