What can I eat with diabetes? Main list

What can I eat with diabetes? The answer to this question is extremely important for the treatment of diabetes, since diet in the treatment of this disease often means more than taking medication.   

The list of allowed products consists of two groups. 

The first includes those basic products through which a person lives, that is, it is meat and milk, many vegetables, cereals, etc. This product is permitted, but only in limited quantities. A person with diabetes must be sure to monitor how much he ate per day and if he has not exceeded the allowed calorie level. 

The second group consists of some low-calorie vegetables that can be eaten virtually without restriction. Reasonably, of course.

Organic Foods

First, let’s consider what foods are eaten for diabetes, accurately tracking their quantity and total calorie content.  

1. Meat and poultry. Any varieties are allowed: beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, chicken, turkey, etc. The main thing is that the meat should be lean. Therefore, even in birds, preference should be given to breast, rather than chicken legs.

2. The fish. Due to the fact that in fatty fish there are a lot of health benefits, including diabetes, omega-3 acids, fatty fish, unlike fatty meat, is an authorized product. You can eat herring, mackerel, salmon, trout. However, the main amount of fish diet should still be accounted for by lean fish – cod, pollock, carp, carp, bream, pollock, navaga, etc. 

3. Dairy products. Kefir, drinking yogurt, milk, cottage cheese. Strictly without added sugar. Cheeses are allowed salted and low-fat.

4. Vegetables. Carrots, beets, pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, green peas and beans. All these vegetables must be included in the menu for diabetes. But remember that they have a lot of easily digestible carbohydrates, and therefore consumption should be controlled.

5. Legumes. Only with good tolerance. In limited quantities.

6. The potato. Allowed. But with its use, it is necessary to clearly monitor the total amount of carbohydrates eaten per day. 

7. Cereals. Buckwheat, pearl barley, barley, oat, millet. The rules are the same as for potatoes: it is allowed to include in the diet, but strict control is mandatory.

8. Bakery products. Rye and wheat bread from flour of the 2nd grade is allowed. You can eat inedible products from flour, for example, drying. But not a plus for bread, but instead.

9. Fruits. In limited quantities are allowed:

  • citruses, except lemons – you can eat from, not counting calories; 
  • berries – blueberries, currants, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, cherries and cherries;
  • peaches and apricots;
  • pineapples
  • pears and apples.

Fully Approved Products

The list of products that can be consumed with diabetes as much as you want, has the following form: 

  • vegetables: cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, celery, radishes and radishes, tomatoes, spinach and sorrel, tomatoes, bell peppers, all greens and lettuce; 
  • fruits: lemons, cranberries, quinces; 
  • chicken egg protein;
  • tea, coffee, broth of wild rose (strictly sugar free). 

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