What is the experience of using Diacont urea cream

Podiatrists do not forget to remind about the importance of foot care in diabetes. The choice of cosmetics is not the last thing. Urea creams are popular among sweet people, which help to gently get rid of rough skin. Katya Oleinikova tested a cream from this series and is ready to share her opinion – is it worth spending money on it.

I’ll tell you about the Diakont foot cream. The cold has come, and with it the dryness of the skin. I decided to try this cream. I use it regularly before going to bed: I put it on clean skin, and put on socks.

In general, I really like the cream: it moisturizes well, does not have a strong or pungent odor, the texture is pleasant, non-greasy. What I also really like is that the cream does not become sticky on the skin.

A big plus is that the product has a slight analgesic effect if there are any microdamages. For people with a tendency to diabetic foot syndrome, corns and tired feet, this cream is a godsend. And, of course, the nice price of the product attracts with all its pluses. The average price tag for a tube of 75 ml is 120-140 rubles.
All in all, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Diacont cream is specially designed for daily care of dry, rough and cracked skin on the feet. It has disinfectant properties, moisturizes and softens the skin. The composition includes natural ingredients, which reduces the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.
Diacont cream promotes: • healing
of microcracks; • gentle and effective exfoliation of the stratum corneum; • getting rid of calluses and corns; • eliminating pain . reduces the risk of diabetic foot syndrome.

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