Diabetic foot

According to medical statistical studies, about 50% of people with diabetes mellitus are at risk of becoming victims of such a complication of this disease as diabetic foot syndrome (DFS).

SDS manifests itself in the form of lesions of the skin, bone and soft tissues, as well as peripheral nerves and blood vessels, is often the cause of deformities of the joints of the forefoot. 

In most cases, diabetic foot syndrome occurs as a result of decreased blood circulation in the lower extremities, as well as various neurological disorders.

The treatment of this disease is complex and requires regular examinations and consultations with specialists such as an endocrinologist, neuropathologist, surgeon, orthopedist. Often, patients with diabetic foot syndrome are also assigned to visit an ophthalmologist to examine the fundus, X-ray and general blood test. 

For the most effective treatment of this disease and prevention of foot deformities, experts recommend that patients use individual orthopedic insoles for diabetic foot syndrome. During the manufacturing process, these orthopedic products are covered with a special soft material that softens the load on the affected areas of the feet and significantly reduces friction during walking.

We bring to your attention orthopedic insoles for diabetic feet. Their special configuration distributes pressure over the entire area of ​​the foot, which in turn reduces downforce at certain points. Such orthopedic products have many advantages. Individual orthopedic insoles, made by our specialists, perfectly and delicately support the arches of the feet and provide an even distribution of the load, they have wear – resistant coverings made of elastic hygienic material.     

It is important to note that these insoles can be washed and cleaned with special disinfectants.

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