DIA bloggers test diabetic toothpastes and rinses

Is there a difference between regular toothpastes and those labeled as recommended for diabetes? The answer to this question was sought by the participants of the project “Made for sweet people”.

DiaDent pastes and rinses , I have known about them for a very long time. True, I myself have not tried it before, which I now regret.

The first two weeks I used regular paste and rinses . Then, when visiting the dentist, the gum was injured and it became inflamed. I decided to try DiaDent Active toothpaste and conditioner. It is written on DiaDent Active products that they have an anti-inflammatory effect. I decided to check, because in reality everything can turn out to be a “dummy”. I didn’t have any particular doubts about DiaDent products , so I didn’t play it safe and look for something else, but immediately started using it. It was the right decision! The inflammation subsided very quickly, and the mucous membrane became healthy. There was also bleeding and pain.
After a course of two weeks, I will return to the Regular paste and rinse . Now, to the constant use of DeaDerm creams, I add DiaDent pastes and rinses on a regular basis!
What else I would like to note is that I have very thin enamel, it is difficult to pick up a paste, but for a month now I have not remembered this problem. I can recommend this product to you with 100% confidence!

To begin with, Ostap, by age, can only use the ” Regular ” series. This toothpaste is suitable for daily use. The composition includes substances that care for enamel, suppress caries development factors, and help improve gum tissue nutrition.

It is customary in our family to have several pastes to choose from in the bathroom.

Ostap has no problems with either caries or gums, and the selection of paste takes place with an eye to prevention.

My son is already 14 years old, but he is still a child and the taste of pasta is important to him. I noticed that Ostap was reluctant to use this paste. Despite the instructions to use only DiaDent , from time to time he resorted to other pastes. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the son is not a fan of the taste of “healing” pastes.
Here is the rinse aid DiaDent The regular flew away from him at the moment. With it, he completed the process of brushing his teeth, and, as far as I know, sometimes used after meals.

The “Active” series is recommended according to indications and during periods of inflammation in the oral cavity for persons over 18 years of age. Indications – bleeding gums, periodontal disease, as well as other inflammatory processes of the gums and oral mucosa.

Let me tell you – this series is not left idle! Coincidentally, during the testing period, my gums became inflamed . This trouble often happens to me, because at work I go to lunch in the canteen, and my gums will always tell whether it was “clean” when cooking.

So, when using the “Active” line, the inflammation passed quickly enough. Although, I think the effect was the same with any other treatment series for oral care.
Will I buy such DiaDent products ? Quite possible! Depends on the price.
By the way, I know for sure that there are people with diabetes in my environment who use these products.

As for the paste and rinse DiaDent Regular , there are no complaints at all! Of course, after ROCS paste with abrasive particles, DiaDent feels like a cream. The paste is very tender, there is no sensation of fire in the mouth.

From others, the paste tingles for about 10 minutes after cleaning, but here, on the contrary, it is felt that the paste is very gentle on the mucous membrane and has a calming effect.
I also liked the conditioner. Unlike LISTERINE, I don’t have to dilute it 50/50 with water!

The conditioner also passed the test, like an ambulance! When I hurt my gum in the area of the neck of the tooth, and, naturally, I had a slight irritation and swelling in this place, the rinse helped me quickly enough to relieve the inflammation. At this point, I used it after brushing my teeth (morning + evening) and after every meal. This “rescuer” made me very happy! Conclusion: I will definitely recommend these products to everyone: with and without diabetes!

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