Review of FitParad products by Susanna and Ostap Ledzinsky

For a very long time I could not ripen for a report on FitParad products . It’s too responsible! I am skeptical about sugar substitute products. Let’s see what this manufacturer offers.

There are many stores in Moscow that offer products for people with diabetes. We tried different things – syrups, marmalade, donuts, cakes and more. Did not like. As it seems to us, this production gives “chemistry”. In my opinion, it is better for a child to eat something ordinary, sweet, but not much! What is it, such an incomprehensible taste. But back to FitParad .

1.Sugar substitute.

We always had it at home. I bought another brand, in a more economical package. Add to tea. The FitParad sugar substitute was sent to us in a sachet. There are 60 sachets in the package. One sachet is enough for a mug. The taste is pleasant. Of course, this packaging (in a sachet) is not at all economical. It is convenient to take sachets with you on the road, to school, to work. Will I buy such a product? Yes, it is quite!

2. Energy caramel FitActiv without sugar.

Killer phrase, isn’t it?

They sent us several flavors. One package contains cola/cherry/orange, the other contains mango/strawberry/lime.

Do you want to treat your child to something tasty, but what would it be without sugar surges? Take them! Lollipops are very tasty, convenient in terms of individual packaging of each candy, and different in taste. Whisper inside ! After a meal, when you want to “chew” sweets, they come in with a bang!

Are there women who are losing weight among the readers? Take note of them!

3. Corn flakes with stevia.

Surprised! Here they are from me 5! For all my dislike for sweeteners , they are really tasty! Nice color, crunch, taste! Sweet!

Beware, lots of carbs! But with the correct calculation of bread units, everything will go “beautifully”! Ostap ate them with milk, they liked them very much.

Definitely, I will buy these cereals. I will definitely try the chocolate ones too!

4. Kissel fortified instant ” FitParad “.

We were sent 4 different flavors – strawberry, peach, cranberry and blueberry. Lots of useful content.

Everything seems to be simple – pour the contents of the sachet into a mug, stirring thoroughly, pour boiling water over it. Can be consumed within 3 minutes. As it turned out, brewing jelly without lumps is a whole art! I didn’t succeed the first time.

Carefully! Correctly calculate the bread units, and be prepared for the fact that the increase in sugar will occur only after three hours. Insidious product!

We didn’t really like the taste. Maybe just because we don’t really like jelly. I won’t buy this one.

5. Hot chocolate with vanilla.

Ostap brewed it, not as it is written in the instructions – with boiling water, but with hot milk. Smells magical! New Year, holiday! Said it tasted like Nesquik. Sugar passed without surprises.

6. Lemon-Ginger Stevia Syrup.

We didn’t get along with him. The instructions say that you can add to tea, coffee, cocktails and pastries. Well, that’s how it “did not go.” Ostap said that he felt ginger very much, smelled of medicine. Refused. But, I must say that I have tried to buy him low-carb syrups, a different brand, before. And they are just as sad on the shelf.

But the family of my colleague loves this syrup very much. They add it to sparkling water, it’s lemonade! At the birthday party of the child, they treated the guests to such a drink! And everyone was delicious.

7. They also sent us fat-free cocoa for testing.

This is the only thing we haven’t tried yet. The instructions say that you can use it as a hot drink, or add it to pastries. Due to the lack of free time, we rarely have homemade cakes. And Ostap still uses hot chocolate as a drink. This cocoa will be waiting for the New Year holidays, maybe then we will ripen for holiday baking.

In conclusion, I will stand up for FitParad .

I read reviews on all of the above products in various sources, and they were all good. It’s just that we’re so picky!
Diabetes has not forced our family to give up their favorite treats. We just learned how to count bread units and how to make jokes. Through trial and error, we curbed rolls, lunch at Burger King, and even rum baba. That is why Ostap feels so confident in the company of friends, he can go to rest in a regular camp.

Not all families are of this opinion. Someone follows a strict diet, and, of course, FitFarad products are ideal for such people .

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