Smoking women do not know the measures in fatty and sweet

After conducting a study, American scientists came to the conclusion that women who smoke are more likely to eat fast foods. In addition, they do not monitor the amount of fatty and sweet foods consumed.

According to the results of their research work, all women who participated in the experiment were conditionally divided into 4 groups. The age of the participants was 21-41 years. So, in the first group there were smoking women who were obese, in the second group there were non-smoking women who were also obese, in the third group were smoking women who were not obese, and in the fourth group were non-smoking slim women.

It turns out that women who entered the first and third groups were more likely to eat fast foods. In addition, as a result of the study, it turned out that many of these women lack a sense of proportion when taking sweet and fatty foods, so such women very quickly begin to gain weight.

Recall that fast food is the main culprit in the development of many ailments. Of course, if you have a hot dog once a month, then this will not affect the general condition of the body, but if it happens uncontrollably, as it was observed in smoking women, then this is fraught with an increase in cholesterol. As a result, this entails the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

Fast foods contain large amounts of fats and preservatives, while there are practically no useful substances, in particular vitamins and minerals, in this food. This is due to the fact that margarine is often used for their preparation, which contains artificial fatty acid isomers that are supersaturated with hydrogen. These so-called trans fats do not deteriorate and prevent the spoilage of products prepared on their basis. It is they that are the cause of health problems, such as serious heart diseases (coronary disease), cancer, problems with the nervous system, infertility, diabetes mellitus.

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