What are the first symptoms of diabetes in men

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus in men differ depending on the stage of development of the process and on the general state of health. The presented disease may almost not manifest itself in any way at the initial stage, as a result of which the man simply does not pay attention to the manifestations. In order to avoid this, it is highly recommended to closely monitor any atypical symptoms and consult a specialist whenever necessary.

Initial stage symptoms

When talking about the primary signs of diabetes in men, it is necessary to pay attention to sudden changes in weight. This can be not only an increase in body mass indicators, but also their decrease, including after 40. Such algorithms are noted due to the fact that carbohydrates drop out of metabolic processes and increase the burning of not only fats, but also proteins. No less often, the first signs of diabetes mellitus in men are associated with increased appetite. Moreover, it is very difficult to satisfy it even with such food that is saturated with carbohydrates. At this stage, diabetes prevention can be truly effective.  

One of the most prominent symptoms is high rates of fatigue. They develop very quickly into chronic symptoms and lead to drowsiness or restless sleep. A similar situation during the development of the disease, as experts say, is associated with a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, which leads to the fact that the tissues of the body are unable to receive the energy they require. That is why significant muscle weakness is identified in diabetes mellitus.

In addition, the initial signs of diabetes in men after 50 years of age may be accompanied by the formation of itching in the area of ​​the skin, as well as in the groin. We should not forget about the increased degree of sweating that can accompany a man throughout the day, that is, including at night.

These are the first symptoms of diabetes mellitus, which are gradually transformed into much more serious and long-lasting symptoms.

Later manifestations

Speaking of later manifestations, it is necessary to pay attention to frequent urination, which is most pronounced during the night. This is due to the fact that the glucose levels in the urine increase, which creates quite serious pressure and the urge to go to the toilet is formed. Further, experts point out that:

  • severe thirst is formed on the basis of frequent urination and dehydration;
  • light wounds and cracks in the skin begin to heal very badly and slowly. In addition, they fester, fungal infections form, which are difficult to treat;
  • the beginning of hair loss in the scalp and any other problems associated with the scalp is likely.

Further, diabetes is manifested by the destruction of tooth enamel and the fact that the gums begin to bleed very much even without external influence. In addition, not only the lower, but also the upper limbs lose the optimal degree of sensitivity. In addition, numbness of the arms and legs is likely, which can occur due to the development of neuropathy. As a result, nerve endings are destroyed very quickly, which greatly aggravates a condition such as diabetes.  

After a short period of time, if a male representative does not pay the required attention to the initial symptoms of diabetes mellitus and does not consult a specialist, much more significant symptoms of the disease begin. They indicate that the body has already started aggravated algorithms of complications and the prevention of diabetes in men should be carried out in the strictest order.

More about symptoms

Special attention should be paid to the symptoms of diabetes, which appear in the late stages of the development of type 1 and 2 diseases. First of all, attention is drawn to the violation of visual acuity and the formation of pathological conditions associated with the eye area. Further, men under 30 and after this age complain that trophic (we are talking about specific diabetic) ulcerative lesions in the area of ​​the skin are formed.

However, the lesions of the skin do not end there, because the skin is very often affected by more or less pronounced infectious fungal processes.

Very often, a person begins gangrene, provoked by a diabetic foot, or rather, the lack of proper care for the lower extremities, which provokes the manifestation of such a condition.

No less often, certain diseases are formed that are associated with the activity of blood vessels and heart muscle. We are talking about stroke and atherosclerosis, which manifest themselves most often. In the later stages of the development of diabetes mellitus, in males, especially if correct treatment and prevention is not carried out, the condition affects the onset of coma. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it can be of different types (for example, it can be hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic or hyperosmolar). The most serious signs of diabetes are those that develop in men who are fifty or more years of age. 

I would like to draw the closest attention to the fact that even in a situation when tests for the ratio of sugar in the blood show insignificant changes, this already indicates the beginning of negative consequences. It is because of this that further development of the pathological condition and complications or critical consequences is likely.

Very often, one of the most late symptoms of diabetes in men is potency problems. However, given how personal this question is, not every male representative turns to a specialist on time.

Considering all this, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is very important, when any unpleasant or alarming signs form, to immediately contact a diabetologist or, at least, to undergo a correct diagnostic examination in order to detect diabetes mellitus.

It is in this case that diabetes mellitus in men will be defeated.

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