Doctors called the main causes of diabetes

Diabetes is not a fatal disease, but very dangerous. If diabetes is not started on time, serious complications will appear.

Even patients receiving proper and timely treatment talk about their psychological and sometimes physical torment.

Diabetic patients can eat only certain foods. Necessarily required for such people therapy to maintain normal glucose.

Why do people get diabetes?

Obesity often leads to diabetes. The body of an obese person cannot cope with the breakdown of all glucose entering it. Because of this, carbohydrate metabolism begins to be disrupted, which leads to an increase in sugar.

Immunity disorders can also cause diabetes. The immunity of a healthy person fights viruses, destroys them. Impaired immunity takes healthy cells for viruses. Such immunity kills many healthy cells. If the beta cells involved in glucose synthesis in the body die, the person develops diabetes.

Hypertension, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases often lead to diabetes. Blood circulation in such diseases worsens, cells lose the ability to normally process insulin. The organs lack insulin, sugar begins to accumulate in the blood.

People who are constantly experiencing stress can also develop diabetes. During stress, the body intensively produces hormones. Hormones increase the production of glucose by the body. The pancreas under the influence of hormones loses the ability to regulate the volume of produced insulin.

Some people are predisposed to diabetes. When parents suffer from diabetes, their children are more likely to get diabetes. But this disease is not congenital, prevention will help to avoid this disease.

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