Is diabetes mellitus inherited?

The combination of certain immune and genetic traits has allowed doctors to identify risk groups. Alleles of the genes of the major histocompatibility complex are associated with both a high probability of type I diabetes (DR3, DR4, DQ) and a low (DR2).
Early preclinical signs of the disease: high titers of antibodies to islet cells of the pancreas, insulin, glutamate dehydrogenase ; violation of the 1st phase of insulin secretion during an intravenous glucose test, a decreased level of C-peptide. These studies are carried out at the Republican Children’s Endocrinological Center (on the basis of the 2nd State Children’s Clinical Hospital of Minsk).
Feeding a child at risk of developing diabetes does not differ from general recommendations (taking into account age). Note that breastfeeding prevents the development of type I diabetes.
Primary prevention of pathology in children is hardening, sufficient exposure to fresh air, prevention of infections.

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